History of Awards

9th European Hypoxia Symposium, Berchtesgaden / Germany

Prof. Dr. H.-V. Ulmer, Ass.-Prof. C. Ledderhos, Dr. B. Blimsrieder, Dr. Ch. Saretzki, Dr. B. Brockmann, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. med. H. Welsch,  Prof. Dr. Th. Küpper, Dr. H. Langhof

Top Three(with number of session):

2.2. Bernhard Blimsrieder: Sport specific performance analysis in skimountaineering: a comparison of laboratory and field tests

5.3.Charlotte Saretzki: Individually Experienced Workload under Given Task Load in General Aviation Pilots

7.2:Benno Brockmann: Data collection at high altitude - Discussion of problems and solutions of continuous SpO2 measurement

8th European Hypoxia Symposium, Poljče / Slovenia

Services to Hyoxia Research
Awarded in 2016 to Prof. Dr. Thomas Küpper

Prof. Dr. H.-V. Ulmer (Ulm, Germany), the laureate Prof. Dr. T. Küpper (Aachen, Germany), Prof. Dr. A. Usaj (Lubljana, Slovenia) (from left to right)


Top Three in Hypoxia and Mountain Medicine 2016

The laureates from left to right: T. Debevec (Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana / Slovenia),  M. Zupančič (NATO mountain warfare centre of excellence,  Poljče / Slovenia), P. Golja (Department of Biology, Biotechnical faculty University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)


7th European Hypoxia Symposium, Kühroint, Berchtesgaden / Germany

Services to Hyoxia Research
Awarded 2014 to Dr. M. Tannheimer

  Dr. M. Tannheimer receives the award


Top Three in Hypoxia and Mountain Medicine 2014

The laureates 2014 and the scientific committee: (front, from left to right) Prof.S. Arnold, Dr. G. Treff (laureate), Dr. A. Menner (laureate), Dr. T. Debevec (laureate), Prof. H.-V. Ulmer, Dr. H. Langhof; (rear from left to right) T. Lobensteiner, Dr. M. Tannheimer, Prof. T. Küpper


6th European Hypoxia Symposium, Zakopane / Poland

Services to Hyoxia Research
First awarded in 2013 to Prof. H.-V. Ulmer


Dr. M. Tannheimer, Prof. Z. Szygula, Prof. H.-V. Ulmer, Prof. T. Küpper, Dr. D. Hillebrandt (from left to right)


Top Three in Hypoxia and Mountain Medicine

First awarded in 2013

The laureates and their mentor: N. Bartz, J. Risse, K. Fehrenbacher, Prof. T. Küpper (from left to right)