7. Symposium 2014

Symposium 2014

Location: Training centre of the German Federal Police at Kührointalm near Berchtesgaden at the base of Watzmann and above from Königssee.

Scientific programme: September 19th to September 21st, 2014 

Congress president: Markus Tannheimer, MD, PhD

Scientific commitee(in alphabetical order): Prof. Dr. S. Arnold (University of Nijmegen, NL), S. v.d. Giet, MD, PhD (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), Prof. Dr. T. Küpper, (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), H. Langhof, MD, PhD (Mittendorff Institute, Berchtesgaden, Germany), Prof. Dr. H.- V. Ulmer (University of Mainz, Germany), Prof. Dr. Z. Szygula (The University School of Physical Education, Krakow, Poland)