The Hypoxia Symposium 2022 is delayed until further notice!


Location & Date

Date: to be announced shortly

Place : Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, University of Prague, Klatno, Czechia 

Registration here

Scientific programme

Deadline for Abstracts:  31.03.2022

All abstracts will be published in a conference proceedings (ISSN registered). e.g. Lékar a technika - Clinician and Technology journal (CTJ, indexed in SCOPUS).

Students of the RWTH Aachen University earn 3 points for their qualification profile in travel and aviation medicine for participation (SFR018).






Scientific committee

Congress President: Lenka Horáková, MD, DESA

Scientific and Program comittee

Prof. Ing. Karel Roubík, Ph.D. (Czech Technical University, Fac. of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Republic)

Lenka Horáková, MD, DESA (Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)

Jana Kubalová, MD (ZZS Brno, Czech Republic)

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Küpper (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), 

Dr. med. Raimund Lechner, MD (German Military Hospital Ulm, Germany)

Agata Nowak-Lis, Ph.D. (Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education, Katowice, Poland)

Prof. Dr. med. Jozef Rosina, Ph.D., MBA (Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)

Karel Sýkora, Ph.D. (Charles University, Czech Republic)

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Tannheimer (University of Ulm, Germany)

Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Volkhart Ulmer (University of Mainz, Germany)

Assoc. prof. Tadej Debevec, Ph.D. (Faculty of Sports, Univ. Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Dr. hab. prof. nadzw. Zbigniew Szyguła (Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego, Kraków)

Organising committee (in alphabetical order):

Ladislav Bís, BS (Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)
Bianca Hartmann (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Jakub Ráfl, Ph.D. (Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)

Veronika Ráfl-Huttová, MS (Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)

Simon Walzel, MS (Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)